Mastering DNS on Windows Server

Learn to Install, Configure and Troubleshoot a Windows DNS Server

Mastering DNS on Windows Server
Mastering DNS on Windows Server

Mastering DNS on Windows Server udemy course

Learn to Install, Configure and Troubleshoot a Windows DNS Server

What you'll learn:

  • You will know what DNS is, and how it works.
  • You will Master the DNS Manager Console - The foundation of DNS server management.
  • You will Demonstrate proficiency by installing, configuring the DNS server role, mastering record types and queries.
  • Maximize your experience level by creating Zones, Zone Replication and Zone Delegation, and installing DNS Security, and troubleshooting your DNS server.


  • Access to a Windows 2016 Server or a Home Lab
  • Internet Access
  • Beginner or intermediate level of experience with Windows Server
  • A burning desire to learn Windows DNS


This course is designed to provide you with a solid foundation for Windows DNS server. You will learn by completing the following tasks. Here is a description of each section in the course.

Mastering DNS on Windows Server Udemy

  • Section 1 - What is DNS

  • Section 2 - What's New in DNS server

  • Section 3 - Installing the DNS Server Role

  • Section 4 - The Hosts file, NETBIOS, DNS Console, DNS record types, Creating the mytestzone forward lookup zone, DNS Resource records, Recursive and Iterative queries.

  • Section 5 - Understanding DNS Zones, Creating a forward and Reverse Lookup Zone, Creating a secondary zone, Stub Zone creation, Implementing DNS forwarding, DNS Conditional forwarding, Zone transfer.

  • Section 6 - DNS Delegation, Domain Name System

  • Section 7 - DNS Security techniques - Techniques overview, Configuring DNS Cache locking, Configuring DNS Socket Pools, Configuring Response Rate Limiting.

  • Section 8 - Advanced DNS Topics - Enabling Round Robin and Netmask ordering, IPV4 and IPV6 Root Hints, Configuring Recursion

  • Section 9 - DNS Security - Windows DNS Security Overview, Symmetric vs Asymmetric Encryption, Installing DNSSEC, DNSSEC client installation.

  • Section 10 - DNS Policies - DNS Policies, Configuring DNS Filtering, Configuring Split brain DNS policy, Configuring Selective Recursion policy, Configuring a Traffic Management policy.

  • Section 11 - PowerShell for DNS - Intro to Powershell for DNS, PowerShell for DNS part 2 thru 4.

  • Section 12 - Troubleshooting DNS Issues - Troubleshooting Tools every IT pro must know, The event viewer, Subscriptions, Monitoring and debug logging, Troubleshooting DNS client issues.

Great News - I have just added 14 lectures to my DNS course! Checkout the DNS Update promo in the New Features Section for details.

As a bonus, I just added a PowerShell for DNS section. Here you will learn how to create DNS records all using Windows PowerShell.

Who this course is for:

Course Details:

  • 5 hours on-demand video
  • 4 articles
  • 70 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion

Mastering DNS on Windows Server udemy free download

Learn to Install, Configure and Troubleshoot a Windows DNS Server

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