Application Packaging Training

Get trained with Application Packaging trainer. Experience the Real time implementation and setup Software Packaging Lab

Application Packaging Training
Application Packaging Training

Application Packaging Training udemy course

Get trained with Application Packaging trainer. Experience the Real time implementation and setup Software Packaging Lab

What you'll learn:

  • Get familiar with Windows Installer Technology(MSI)
  • Learn how to package any software in organization
  • Hands-on experience with Adminstudio and Installshield


  • Basic knowledge of computer is sufficient!
  • What is Application Installation, Application Packaging overview and historical background, Why Packaging the Applications
  • The steps for application packaging lab on your home computer so you can learn and experiment with application packaging with hands-on experience)
  • Identify application behavior and choose the methods of software packaging which are 1. Application Repackaging 2. Application Transforms 3. Authoring / Building MSI 4. Silent Installation


Application Packaging Training Udemy

                                                            Application / Software Packaging Course Contents

1. What is Application Packaging / repackaging?

  • Windows Installer Technology

  • Why repackaging is required​

  • What are the Problems in legacy installations

  • Major Benefits of windows installer

  • Differences between EXE & MSI

2. Application Packaging Minimum Hardware & Software Requirements For Lab Setup

  • Oracle Virtual Box / VMWARE WorkStation / Hyper-V

  • Windows 10 Operating System

  • Install-Shield Admin Studio

  • Pre-Installation Steps

  • Post Installation Steps

  • Test the repackaged application

3. Client Application Pre-Validation Analysis

  • Commanding on Legacy Applications Installation Process

  • Technical Analysis of a Client Source​ application

  • Functionality Check & Source Application Behaviour

  • Technical Review of a Legacy / MSI Application Discovery

4. Introduction to Installshield Adminstudio

  • Installation of Installshield and Adminstudio

  • How to use for Installshield Adminstudio for packaging

  • Overview Of MSI Architecture

  • Introduction on Windows Installer

  • Technical Review of a Legacy / MSI Application Discovery

5. Methods Of Application Packaging

  • Application Repackaging

  • Application Transforms

  • Authoring / Building MSI Applications

  • Silent Switch Installation / Un-installation

6. Working with Property Manager

  • Working with ALLUSERS Property

  • Working with ROOTDRIVE

  • Working with INSTALLLEVEL

  • Working with REBOOT

  • Working with Accept License Agreement

7. Application Deployment through System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)

  • Difference between applications and packages node

  • Deployment of application using SCCM

  • Generate a report after Installation

  • Important logs to monitor and troubleshoot application deployment

8. How to package common application in organisation for mass deployment

  • Microsoft Office Application

  • Microsoft SQL Application

  • Adobe Reader DC Application

  • Oracle Java Application

  • Microsoft SQL Management Studio Application

  • Microsoft Office 365 (O365) Application

9. How to deploy application via common deployment methods

  • Install / Uninstall Applications Using Bat File

  • Install / Uninstall Applications Using CMD File

  • Install / Uninstall Applications Using Powershell

  • Install / Uninstall Application Using SCCM

  • Install / Uninstall Application Using Psexec

10. Packaging application using Powershell Application Deployment Tool (PSADT)

  • Understanding the concept of PSADT

  • Downlading and configuring PSADT before application packaging

  • Understanding the folder structure of PSADT

  • Modifying the commands in PSADT as per the requirement

  • Packaging application using PSADT

  • Deployment application to install / uninstall application using PSADT

Who this course is for:

  • System adminis who are looking to learn how application packaging is done
  • Anyone who is moved into new role in which application packaging is required and wants to get up to speed on how to package software in organization
  • All SCCM administrators as before deployment of any applications through sccm first application packaging is required as a prerequisites.
  • IT professionals looking to get a job that requires application packaging as a skill, or who are just trying to expand their current skill set

Course Details:

  • 4 hours on-demand video
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion

Application Packaging Training udemy free download

Get trained with Application Packaging trainer. Experience the Real time implementation and setup Software Packaging Lab

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