Mainframe : The Complete TSO/ISPF from Beginner to Expert

Best TSO/ISPF Course. TSO and ISPF commands are explained in detail. Simplified COBOL covered as bonus along with JCL.

Mainframe : The Complete TSO/ISPF from Beginner to Expert
Mainframe : The Complete TSO/ISPF from Beginner to Expert

Mainframe : The Complete TSO/ISPF from Beginner to Expert udemy course

Best TSO/ISPF Course. TSO and ISPF commands are explained in detail. Simplified COBOL covered as bonus along with JCL.

What you'll learn:

  • Master the TSO/ISPF commands on Mainframe to excel in your work and project
  • Students will be able to create basic COBOL program and JCL and perform all TSO/ISPF operations in them.
  • Perform all the major TSO/ISPF operations and line commands on COBOL Program
  • Reduce daily work by 20% by applying these TSO/ISPF commands
  • Write all TSO/ISPF commands on your mainframe server and use it in your project.
  • Manipulate Keys to display your own custom keys
  • Relation between TSO and ISPF and create PS and PDS file
  • Change the settings in your ISPF screen
  • Understand library inside utilities
  • Effortlessly master dataset utilities
  • Explore deep into foreground and batch processing
  • Perform major operations inside SPOOL - SDSF
  • Advanced TSO/ISPF options - Advanced CREATE, different ways to resolve space issue, scrolling, auto fill and so on
  • Guided Illustration of basic COBOL Program is covered
  • Basic Knowledge on VSAM is covered as well
  • The Course also covers DB2 operations like DDL and DML as bonus lectures


  • You should have a PC with internet connection
  • It is ideal to have a mainframe id for this course. I will also show you a free option which has certain limitation.
  • No Previous programming language is required


Mainframe : The Complete TSO/ISPF from Beginner to Expert Udemy

"Welcome to the Most In-Depth and Quality Content Course of TSO/ISPF from a Real Expert with more than 15 years of Experience."

  • The Course is full of quality content which you will not find anywhere in the Internet
  • Learn from an Expert who has a passion of training
  • The Course covers Real Training with the aim to provide knowledge which is similar to corporate training.


Some of the Reviews from my students!!!!

"Sandeep is a great Instructor and the course gives a great beginning to my career on mainframes."

"I have zero experience on Mainframe. This Course starts with basics and provide relevant examples which i can apply straight away in my job. Thanks for creating such a great Course. Looking forward to other Courses from you."

"EI instructor conoce mucho acerca del tema, no es ningún improvisado. La manera de abordar los temas totalmente puntuales. Personalmente soy muy Exquisito con cursos Online y este curso lo considero muy bueno. Sugiero mejorar los subtítulos y mejorar la dicción (si se le entiende pero podría mejorar). Continuare con JCL . Saludos"

Join this course which is the best TSO/ISPF course on UDEMY. I will Code all the TSO/ISPF commands along the way!!!

"This the Best Seller Course on Udemy"

“There’s a reason this course is a bestseller and highest rated on Udemy...”

Want to begin your career on Mainframe with no previous coding experience and are confused on joining which course on TSO/ISPF to understand from the basics to advanced level?

You have come to the right place. This is the most complete and in depth Course on TSO/ISPF considered in UDEMY. If you do not believe me, Please have a look at the Course content carefully and ask few questions from yourself?

  • Is the Course taught by a real time expert? I have more than 15  years of experience as an Instructor and more than 10 years of experience on Mainframe.I firmly believe that if an Instructor does not have a good experience, he/she will flood the course with poor content.
  • Is the Course content clear and Precise? I bet you will not get a better Course content than this. Please have a look at all the courses and choose wisely.
  • Will the Course be In-depth? The Course covers In-Depth knowledge on TSO/ISPF. The amount of Knowledge which is covered in this course is great.
  • How is the quality of the Content? In Mainframes, there are lot of low quality content which is spread through out the internet. Be wise in choosing the course which has the best content which is presented in a good way to provide maximum output.
  • The Course assumes no prior knowledge on Mainframes and teaches you from absolute beginners.
  • Most of my students personally messages me about their success with this Course. One of my students even surprised me saying - After taking up this Course, I knew even more TSO/ISPF command than my seniors.
  • Once you Enroll for this Course, you get a life time access to this course and you will get all the future updates. you also get a Certification of Completion once you complete the Course.


The Course has the most accurate Captions. Have a look.

Do you want to start on Mainframe but have no experience on Mainframes? 

If you have some prior knowledge on Mainframes or if are a complete fresher, you are at the right place. The Course teaches you  complete TSO/ISPF right from Scratch to Advanced level. The course goes one level up and provides the basic introduction of COBOL, JCL, VSAM and DB2

What makes this Course unique and Best Seller?

Well, the course has everything you need to master TSO/ISPF commands. If you want to build a career in Mainframe, TSO/ISPF is a 'MUST TO HAVE' skill and this is the starting point of Mainframe. The Course gives you a path to learn COBOL, JCL, VSAM and DB2 as well.

There’s no risk involved in taking this Course!

This course comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee. I am sure that this is the best course on TSO/ISPF and you can compare the content which is provided in this course against any TSO/ISPF Course and I guarantee you that you will not get such a good structured content anywhere. Still, if you are not completely satisfied with the course, please let us know and we will provide the refund without asking any question.

What if you are stuck?

I personally answer all the questions which is asked here. If you are stuck anywhere, ask a question or you can message me directly and i will answer all your doubts.

Are you getting updated content?

Yes, I keep updating the content always to make sure, i provide all the information to my students.

Once you enroll for this course-

1) Learn how to connect to Mainfame

2) Learn more than 100 TSO/ISPF commands with real time examples.

3) Course empowers students to learn COBOL and JCL as well.

4) Basic COBOL, JCL, VSAM and DB2 training is provided as a supplementary topics to all my students.

5) Students will be able to perform TSO/ISPF operations by creating a COBOL and JCL.

6) Create a strong knowledge base on TSO/ISPF and apply in your project.

7) Think when you need to apply a particular TSO/ISPF command.

8) Practice all major Line commands in a PDS or PS

9) Create a PS and PDS file.

10) Build your own set of keys

11) You will be able to perform most of TSO/ISPF operations inside a file

12) Save at least 20% of your daily time which you consume to perform TSO/ISPF operations.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to master TSO/ISPF can take up this course. This teaches TSO/ISPF from Scratch to Advanced level
  • The Course primarily focuses on TSO/ISPF but supplementary information is provided on COBOL and JCL to make sure that students are able to create COBOL and JCL and perform TSO/ISPF operations.
  • Anyone who wants to understand how to create a COBOL Program can attend this course
  • Anyone who wants to understand about JCL and want to build their own JCL can attend this course.
  • If you have knowledge on Mainframe then it will be beneficial but if you don't know what are Mainframe, i have explained about mainframes at the beginning of the course
  • Be ready to practice all TSO and ISPF commands while i show it to you

Course Details:

  • 10.5 hours on-demand video
  • 7 articles
  • 16 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion

Mainframe : The Complete TSO/ISPF from Beginner to Expert udemy free download

Best TSO/ISPF Course. TSO and ISPF commands are explained in detail. Simplified COBOL covered as bonus along with JCL.

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