Develop Blockbuster Story Ideas that Sell! (Writing Mastery)

Develop Blockbuster Story Ideas that Sell! (Writing Mastery) free download


    Develop Blockbuster Story Ideas that Sell! (Writing Mastery)
    Develop Blockbuster Story Ideas that Sell! (Writing Mastery)

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Develop Blockbuster Story Ideas that Sell! (Writing Mastery) Udemy Free Download

Proven methods to unleash your creativity and brainstorm bestselling, high concept book and movie ideas

What you'll learn:

  • Develop story ideas designed to get the attention of readers, agents, publishers, and producers
  • Learn why high-concept stories sell better, faster, and for more money
  • Define "high concept" and learn what makes an idea "high concept"
  • Identify the 4 Secret Ingredients of every high-concept idea
  • Apply 5 Proven Methods for Brainstorming high-concept ideas
  • Brainstorm your own high-concept ideas that you can start writing immediately
  • End the course with multiple big story ideas to choose from
  • Take your writing career to the next level by developing commercial novel and screenplay ideas that sell
  • 15 Exercises and Handouts to apply everything you've learned



  • Computer or notebook for exercises
  • An open mind for brainstorming
  • A desire to write a novel or screenplay


What do money-making blockbuster books and movies—like Harry Potter, The Girl on the Train, The Martian, The Hunger Games, and The Da Vinci Code—all have in common?  

They’re all built around an idea that grabs your attention in one sentence.  

It’s what industry insiders call a “high-concept” idea.  

And it’s precisely what you need to make sure the novel or screenplay you’ve slaved over gets a second look from publishers, agents, and movie producers.   

Jessica Brody is an international bestselling author of more than 15 novels published and translated in over 23 countries.  

In this course, she shows you exactly how to brainstorm and build out your own high-concept ideas so that you, too, can dazzle literary agents, film producers, publishers and readers — and start making serious money.  


"A definite must for anyone wishing to break into the big leagues!!"  - JESSICA, UDEMY STUDENT  

"I used your course to develop my pitch to two agents. They both requested a manuscript." - BRIAN, UDEMY STUDENT

"This is easily one of the most powerful, clearly presented courses I've taken at Udemy." - EIBHLIN, UDEMY STUDENT

"If you're stuck for an idea, not just an idea but a great idea, then this class is for you."  - STEVE, UDEMY STUDENT


High-concept ideas are basically known as the “holy grail” of the book and movie business.  

Because high-concept ideas are known to sell better, faster and for more money than ideas that are not considered high concept.  

But what is a high-concept idea? And how do you know if you have one? Or better yet? How do you come up with one that will sell?  

In this dynamic course, (with over 350 5-star reviews and an average rating of 4.8 stars) you’ll…  

  • Learn exactly what a high-concept idea is  

  • Discover the 4 Secret Ingredients of every high-concept idea and how to identify them  

  • Learn 5 Proven Methods for brainstorming your own high-concept ideas  

  • Get access to loads of exercises and tips to help you apply everything you’ve learned  

And by the end of this course, you’ll have at least one shiny new high-concept idea for a book or movie that you can start writing immediately.  


"Jessica Brody breaks down these concepts with clarity and amazing insight."  - MIKE, UDEMY STUDENT

"Wow, I already am looking at writing from a different perspective." - SHANTANU, UDEMY STUDENT  

"Thanks to [this] class by the great Jessica Brody, I have a shiny new high concept idea for my sci-fi book!" - ALYSHA, UDEMY STUDENT

"I would recommend this to ANY writer at ANY level." - STACEY, UDEMY STUDENT

"This is such an inspiring course! So glad I took this!" - JAMIE, UDEMY STUDENT



I’m Jessica Brody and in twelve short years, I’ve managed to sell more than 20 books to major publishers like Simon and Schuster, Random House, Macmillan, and Disney Press, including the #1 bestselling plotting guide for novelists, Save the Cat! Writes a Novel. . Also, my books have been translated and published in over 23 countries and several of my novels have been optioned for film and TV.

How did I manage to do all of this? The answer is simple: High-concept ideas!

I’m excited to share my secrets of success with you in this course.   


"An excellent course with some very good ideas for brainstorming your novel" - DEBORAH, UDEMY STUDENT

"Her brainstorming section is awesome..."  - STEVE, UDEMY STUDENT

"This info, already, is greatly helping me to understand what makes readers want to read a story." - BEV, UDEMY STUDENT

"Gave me some great ways to go back and figure out what's not working..." - MICHELLE, UDEMY STUDENT  

"Clear, concise, & well-narrated with an abundance of enthusiasm." - CHRISTOPHER, UDEMY STUDENT  

"This course is worth far more than the price of admission!" - TALMAGE, UDEMY STUDENT  

"Very professionally taught." - MATT, UDEMY STUDENT

"She's now one of my favs on Udemy." - SANDRA, UDEMY STUDENT


Whether your creative journey includes self-publishing, traditional publishing, screenwriting, film making, or any other kind of distribution, the key to success is developing an idea that people can latch onto. That will wow your audience, whether that’s readers, agents, publishers,  movie producers, or film viewers.

This course will teach you how to do just that.  

So let’s get started! Enroll now and start brainstorming your bestselling novel or blockbuster movie idea today.  

I look forward to seeing you inside the course!


"Jessica Brody nails all the elements in this course. The exercises are brilliant and very helpful. Thank you for such a great course!" - KIMBERLEY, UDEMY STUDENT  

"NOW at the end of the course I have 22 different ideas for short stories!" - OWEN, UDEMY STUDENT

"After finishing all of the exercises, I now have a long list of exciting concepts that I'd like to develop right away into a complete outline and start writing." - AHMAD, UDEMY STUDENT

"Highly recommend for anyone who want to attract audience through writing." - NGHIA, UDEMY STUDENT

"Great concepts and methods in this course that will no doubt help to produce great high-concept ideas. The trainer is clear, measured and personable and uses great colourful graphics. A very good teacher overall, and the course is short and sweet but highly useful." ZURI, UDEMY STUDENT  


"This course combines the best of the best in writing concepts as well as the author's ideas and experiences as a seasoned, successful writer. The handouts are exceptional in providing processes that lead to the outcome of high-concept ideas. I would highly recommend the course to any writer." - JEANETTE, UDEMY STUDENT

"Jessica Brody breaks down these concepts with clarity and amazing insight. Using humor and accessible examples from pop culture, she gets to something deeper, something ancient and absolutely human. She understands the mechanics and the heart of Story as well as anyone I've heard. I highly recommend this course."  - MIKE, UDEMY STUDENT  

"Jessica Brody has a gift for distilling lots of hard-earned information into concise and tasty bites. Many talented writers never gain traction because they fail to recognize (and capitalize on) a winning idea. In very clear terms, Ms. Brody takes us through an analysis of what makes an idea sellable–a crucial skill needed for those wanting to make a living as a writer." - KATHERINE, UDEMY STUDENT  

"I love Jessica Brody's "Creating High-Concept Ideas" class. It's engaging and powerful at the same time. It's far better than other high concept classes I've taken at several writing schools." - STEVE, UDEMY STUDENT  

"Very informative and well worth the time and cost. Jessica has shown me some new ways to approach my storytelling and how to make sure I am telling the best tale I can." - NOEL, UDEMY STUDENT  

"If you're stuck for an idea, not just an idea but a great idea, then this class is for you." - STEVEN, UDEMY STUDENT  

"Interesting, direct, and doesn't waste my time. No carving through the fat to get to the meat of the class." - KATHLEEN, UDEMY STUDENT  

"Practical advice you can actually use! Great course for beginning writers, but also an excellent refresher for veterans." - JENNIFER, UDEMY STUDENT  

"This is an excellent course educating you in generating great ideas for your story or project." - LEE, UDEMY STUDENT  

"Lots of inspiring ideas, presented clearly and with enthusiasm." - TRICIA, UDEMY STUDENT  

"Finally! The basics on writing what sells from someone who actually walks the walk. I’ve read too many books about screenwriting from unproduced screenwriters and unpublished writing professors. Thanks Jessica." - MICHAEL, UDEMY STUDENT

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to write a novel or screenplay
  • Newbie writers or seasoned pros
  • Writers striving to reach the next level of their career
  • Writers wanting to make their work more commercial
  • Anyone who has always wanted to write a novel or screenplay but hasn't found the perfect idea yet
  • Writers looking for a big idea for their next project
  • Anyone who's asked the question: "Where do writers get their ideas?"

This course includes:

  • 1.5 hours on-demand video
  • 3 articles
  • 15 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion

Course Specifications:

  • Free Demo
  • 100% job Assistance
  • Flexible Timing
  • Realtime Project Work
  • Learn From Experts
  • Get Certified
  • Place your career
  • Reasonable fees
  • Access on mobile and Tv
  • High-quality content and Class videos
  • Learning Management System
  • Full lifetime access


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