Top 10 Esoteric Practices Courses

How to Manifest Money Using The Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction and Mindfulness for Manifestation, Abundance, Happiness, Psychology & "Allowing Your Success"

Certificate in Reflexology for Kundalini & Chakra Healing

Balance Chakras and awaken Kundalini by using reflexology's energy healing properties.

Tarot Masterclass - Beginner to Intermediate

Discover the Practical and Spiritual Uses of Tarot (Includes a free ebook "Pictorial Key to the Tarot" by A. E. Waite)

Reiki Revival; Level Up Your Reiki Practice

Rekindle your love for Reiki, deepen the connection to your True Self and gain the confidence to share Reiki with others

Certificate in Crystal Healing for Kundalini & Chakra

Balance Chakras and awaken Kundalini by using Crystal energy.

Karuna Ki Reiki Master Training

Learn. Heal. Transform.

Lucid Dreaming - The Foundation of Dream Yoga

Doorway to your inner self! Heal yourself, fly or astral project! Meditation MP3s, personal feedback - Certified Course

REIKI: Reiki I, 2 & Master Certification!

Complete Reiki Level 1, 2 & reiki Master Level , Become Usui Reiki Practitioner/Teacher, Get Reiki Master Certification!

Reiki Level I, II, III & Master/Teacher Certification Course

Learn All Four Levels of Reiki to Become a Certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher - Heal Yourself and Others & Teach Reiki

Samurai Reiki Level I, II and Master/Teacher Program

Learn the Samurai Reiki Level I, II and Master/Teacher Level, becoming a Fully Accredited Practitioner/Instructor

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