Wordpress For Complete Beginners!

1 Hour Direct Wordpress instructions Master Wordpress in 2022 - Wordpress Web Design course!

Wordpress For Complete Beginners!
Wordpress For Complete Beginners!

Wordpress For Complete Beginners! udemy course

1 Hour Direct Wordpress instructions Master Wordpress in 2022 - Wordpress Web Design course!

What you'll learn:

WordPress for Complete Beginners In Web Development

  • The steps for setting up WordPress in Windows
  • The dashboard of WordPress is shown.
  • WordPress introduction and the choice of a theme.
  • Make pages and a menu.
  • In this case, we’ll add a post, its content, and a category.
  • Add a category to the list of menus that you can see.
  • When you make a subcategory, add it to the menu list and then click on it.
  • Learn how to set a post limit per page.
  • Learn how to create a separate page for the blog.
  • Set the home page as the first page.
  • People comment on WordPress.
  • WordPress lets you turn on and off comments.
  • Permalink settings, or how to set them up
  • Widgets.
  • It’s a good idea to change the logo and the title
  • Create a picture gallery.
  • I like this plugin because it has a lot of options and is very
  • It is time to switch the block editor to the classic editor.
  • Recent Posts with thumbnails will be added to the list of recent posts.
  • Learn how to add a contact form.
  • Learn how to use the Elementor plug-in.


  • You don’t need to be good at programming in order to work at this job.


Wordpress For Complete Beginners! Udemy

You're here because you want to create your own WordPress websites, right?

You don't Need Coding Ath All no Javascript no html no css no Php

This WordPress for Beginners course is the perfect place to start. This complete WordPress course is designed for beginners like you who have never built a WordPress website (or any website for that matter).

WordPress is the perfect tool for creating a fully customized Wordpress website for any purpose. Whether you want to create a blog, a personal portfolio, or a business website to sell your products and services, you can do it with WordPress.

While WordPress might seem scary from the outside, once you get started, it's fairly intuitive. Everything from hosting to installing a theme, then actually building your first pages can be learned in the first few lessons of this course.

With this WordPress course, you don't need to actually pay for hosting to practice with WordPress. I'll show you how to create a free temporary site so you can follow along.

Topics of this WordPress Course

✔Asking and answering "What is WordPress?"

✔ How to Register Your Website's Domain Name

✔ Setup Affordable hosting, domain and daily backups

✔ How to Create MENU & SUBMENU in WordPress

✔ Learn About How to use Visual Builder for Wordpress

✔Protect their Wordpress website from hackers and spammers

✔Create pages and posts in Wordpress

✔ Understand plugins & themes and how to find/install them

✔Build your own beautiful website using WordPress.

✔Customize your WordPress website for any purpose of yours - whether it's a blog, a portfolio to show off your work, or an e-commerce site to sell your products or services.

Why learn WordPress from me?

I've been building WordPress websites for more then 10 years. Just like you, there was a time when I was a complete newbie! I was honestly scared of starting a WordPress website because it seemed so daunting.

Now I love WordPress! I wouldn't recommend using any other web-building tool.

I still remember what it is like to be a beginner, and I've kept that in mind while creating this entire course. I walk you through every process step-by-step to make sure you understand things clearly. And if there is ever anything that is confusing, just let me know and I'll create more lessons that explain or walk you through myself.

NOTE: This course will always be updated to cover the latest version of WordPress.

The primary goal of this course is to teach anyone, even a complete beginner, how to become a Wordpress expert in a few short hours, without lots of technical jargon. I'll guarantee that after taking this course you'll have the knowledge you need to build a responsive, beautiful website with the latest version of Wordpress. Not only will you know more than 99% of Wordpress users out there, but you'll actually enjoy using Wordpress too.

This course is taught by Wordpress author and teacher, Jenius, who has over a decade of experience using and teaching Wordpress to people of all skill levels.

Who this course is for:

  • You are someone who wants to build a website for your business, hobby, or personal life.

  • You want someone to walk you through the entire process of creating a WordPress website from the very beginning to publishing.

  • Anyone who would learn to build a website without coding

  • Anyone who is looking to learn a new skill, which could potentially become a new income stream.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners that wan't to learn Wordpress
  • Anyone who would learn to build a website with Wordpress
  • Anyone who would learn to build a website with out coding
  • Anyone who would learn to create a blog With Wordpress

Course Details:

  • 1 hour on-demand video
  • 2 articles
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion

Wordpress For Complete Beginners! udemy free download

1 Hour Direct Wordpress instructions Master Wordpress in 2022 - Wordpress Web Design course!

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